Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sexual Confidence...The Key to Happiness

Most people don't realize the power they can have when the exude sexual confidence.  It can be a key role in getting and keeping a relationship.  Once you decide to make the change and take control of your confidence levels, you can have all kinds of benefits from it.  Better and more fullfilling sex, leads to a more happy and harmonious relationship.  Don't allow yourself to hold back when it comes to showing off your sexual confidence, more is better.  You will find that people will be magically attracted to you.  Learn more about Gaining Sexual Confidence

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Body Language When Someone is Not Interested

Body language has been used throughout history before mankind could even speak.  It evolved overtime to keep the species procreating.  If body language never evolved, humans may not exist today.  Reading someones actions is an easy task if you know what to watch for when interacting with them.  You can obtain a vast amount of information from a person just by observing their body language.  They will show you whether or not they are interested in you or what you are saying.  When you are interacting with another person, there are three main aspects you want to pay attention to.

  • Pay attention to the way the hold their body.  If they are crossing their arms or turning away from you while you speak to them, know that they are not really interested in what you are talking about.
  • Lack of eye contact is another key factor that shows they have a lack of interest in your conversation.
  • Excessive or no hand movement from the person can signal disinterest.  This stems from the fact that maybe be bored or nervous and want the conversation to end.  If you notice in nature movement or lack of movement can do one of two things, it can either attract attention or repel attention.
If you are having problems when conversing with other people and would like to learn how to keep their attention, please see Alpha Male Body Language Decoded.  This can help you learn how to keep someone engaged when you are interacting with them.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beta Males are they Really the Weaker Link?

Beta Males are the ones who everyone associates with weakness.  They are the men that always take second in command to everyone.  You always see him in the background surrounded by his aura of quietness. He never makes a move and sits back quietly saying nothing.  Most of the time he rarely smiles cause his happiness is lacking.  The beta male is too afraid to make a change and always sticks to the same routine which gets him nowhere in life. 

Although this is typical of what everyone thinks of beta males, I feel that beta males are actually a lot smarter than most alpha males.  They sit back, wait, and watch the alpha males make all of the mistakes first.  Most alpha males move forth in life at lightening speed without ever thinking first and this has a tendency to make most of their plans backfire.  So what does this do for the beta males?  It gives them a ton of advantage especially with women.  The alpha males maybe able to whine and dine the female and get her madly attracted to him at first, but once his true selfishness shows through, most women bolt faster that you can blink.  So for the poor beta male who was sitting back, he has the best advantage now.  That woman that he so adores just got burned by this jerk who was pretending to be an outstanding guy.

He can make her attracted to him by fulling up the emotional void the alpha male just caused on this lady.  This plays a huge advantage in the game of love because this is one of the key factors that makes people fall in love.  Fulfilling unmet needs causes great and long term attachment in both sexes.  This is why the beta males are the ones that seem to be able to stay in committed relationships with women.  The alpha male is self centered and ignores the needs of the female.  He maybe able to get her attracted to him, but keeping her around is a different story.

I suggest that if any man is having trouble with women, then they should learn to take on the characteristics of both the alpha male and the beta male.  This way they can start the intial attraction process and keep it going throughout the entire relationship without the women thinking that he will turn into a jerk.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do you have what it takes to be an Alpha Male?

Alpha males tend to get a bad reputation in today's society.  Everyone always thinks of them as the loud mouth guy who always put everyone down and never thinks twice about it.  Although most of the men portraying to be an alpha male, really aren't alpha males.  They are just jerks that lack communication and social skills.  It's funny to me why the stereotype about alpha males are that they are these rude jerks.  The true alpha males that I know are far from being a jerk.  They are some of the most caring, loving, and protective type of guy you could ask for.  It's very true they will not in any way shape or form take disrespectfulness or deciet from anyone.  They are always straightforward and honest in everything they do.  If something is bothering them, you will know it.  You don't ever have to play mind reading games with them.  They take life with a lazy "I don't give a crap mode", and this can drive some people insane.  They never put importance on other people's opinions that aren't in their close group of friends.  Other people merely exsist to them.  So do you know How to be an Alpha Male?